Minutes of the October 8, 2011  meeting of the Weld Amateur Radio Society

Meeting called to order by Willie W5WIW 9:04 am

Introductions around the room

  1. Name and Call Sign
  2. How many states have you talked to in 24 hours

Minutes from last meeting approved

Treasurer's report Berry N0OYM

Repeater report Berry N0OYM

  1. Unchanged from last month
  2. 147 still has noise and some noise on the 2m
  3. Both repeaters and IRLP node are up and running. Registration for both repeaters to be coordinated has been received

Old Business

  1. Those that missed the boat races at Horsetooth lake missed a lot of fun. The all-girls boat was a little slow but they made it to the finish. There was one man turned over and had to be helped back into his boat. Hope we can get more help next time.
  2. Dave W0EDW talked about the VHF contest

New Business

  1. What does the club think about paying for the guest speaker's breakfast. Motion made and passed.

Show and Tell

  1. Rex Blaine will talk about APRS

Upcoming events

  1. Jan 14, 2012 NCARC Hamfest at the Ranch

Additional Comments

  1. K0OJ- Gunsite/Yavapai Radio Club Observe NRA Birthday. Celebrate NRA's 140th birthday on Nov 17, 2011, as the Yavapai Amateur Radio Club operates a special-event broadcast from the famed Gunsite Academy in Arizona. This FCC-licensed amateur station, using the call sign K7NRA, will operate from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. MST on the following frequencies: 7.250, 14.050 and 21.335 MHz. All amateur radio stations, especially those operated by NRA members and Gunsite alumni, are encouraged to participate. A unique NRA/Gunsite QSL card will be sent to stations contacted for the event. For more info, visit: www.w7yrc.org/K7NRA. From The American Rifleman October 2011 page 232.
  2. Next NCARC meeting will be at the Golden Corral instead of Widow McCoy's

Meeting adjourned at 9:34 am

Next meeting November 12, 2011 at Randy's All American Grill, 35th Ave and 21st St,  just south of King Soopers. Breakfast at 8:15, meeting at 9