Minutes of the December 10, 2011  meeting of the Weld Amateur Radio Society

Meeting called to order by Dave W0EDW 9:00 am

Introductions around the room

  1. Name and Call Sign

Minutes from last meeting approved with corrections

Treasurer's report Berry N0OYM

Repeater report Berry N0OYM

  1. Unchanged from last month
  2. 147 has a hearing problem, possibly due to weather conditions
  3. Dave W0EDW- would like to thank Bill and OJ who did some work on the repeater
  4. 147 still has noise and some noise on the 2m
  5. Both repeaters and IRLP node are up and running.

Old Business

  1. Help is needed at the NCARC Hamfest. If you would like to help contact KD0GMW 970-667-4357

New Business

  1. There are tables still available at the Hamfest. May be sharing a table with NCARC

Show and Tell

  1. No show and tell this month, but Dave did bring his Yeasu 817 if anyone wanted to look at it

Upcoming events

  1. Jan 21, 2012 NCARC Hamfest at the Ranch near the event center

Additional Comments

  1. Dave W0EDW VHF plus- have been getting more activity on sideband

Meeting adjourned at 9:17 am

Next meeting January 14, 2011 at Randy's All American Grill, 35th Ave and 21st St,  just south of King Soopers. Breakfast at 8:15, meeting at 9