Minutes of the March 10, 2012  meeting of the Weld Amateur Radio Society

Meeting called to order by Willie W5WIW at 9:03

Introductions around the room

  1. Name and Call Sign

Minutes from last meeting approved

Treasurer's report Berry N0OYM

Repeater report Willie W5WIW

  1. 147.000 is down, Randy Long has taken it for repairs. Randy has found several bad solder joints, still working on the project. Willie W5WIW has an antenna for 70 meters and looking for some 7/8 in hardline and fittings. He also has a 2 meter antenna and 1/2 in hardline and fittings.
  2. Berry N0OYM has been approached about why the backup repeaters are not on the air.
  3. We will do the best we can to get the repeater back on the air

Old Business

New Business

  1. If anyone needs a name tag, please let Jerry Williams know
  2. WARS Website still has incorrect time for the meetings. Berry N0OYM will fix
  3. Willie W5WIW is thinking about writing a letter to local hams inviting them to the meetings
  4. Board meeting at NCARC, wanted to know if WARS would want to handle field day this year.
  5. Willie has volunteered to be an alternate at the CCARC meeting. Motion made, seconded and approved
  6. Berry N0OYM is still in possession of an air conditioning unit that was donated to the club and doesn't want to keep it anymore. Wants to know what we should do with it. Willie W5WIW will come by and pick it up and will see what we want to do with it from there.

Show and Tell

  1. Willie W5WIW starting a library of handbooks

Upcoming events

  1. NCARC meeting next Saturday, March 17, 2012 at the Golden Corral in Loveland
  2. April 7, 2012 Longmont ARC Hamfest Boulder CO Fairgrounds
  3. April 23, 2012 Weather training Loveland, CO Community room. 222 E 4th St 9am to Noon
  4. April 28, 2012 Weather spotter training and ARES meeting. Greeley Recreation center 651 10th Ave 8:30am-4:00pm

Additional Comments

  1. Bill need to discuss a different meeting place. Suggested that automatically make the Union Hall the backup meeting place in case we are not able to have the meeting at Randy's. 
  2. Motion made to move to the Golden Corral in Greeley on 23rd Ave.
  3. Colorado ARES district 10 has website that has information about training. www.coaresd10.org

Meeting adjourned at 9:53 am


Next meeting April 14, 2012 at Golden Corral 3035 S 23rd Ave in Greeley. Breakfast at 8:15, meeting at 9p