Minutes of the November 10, 2012 meeting of the Weld Amateur Radio Society

Meeting called to order by Willie W5WIW at am

Introductions around the room
• Name and Call Sign
• Are you a DX'er, a rag chewer, or just work with 2m/70cm?

Minutes from last meeting approved

Treasurer's report Berry N0OYM

Repeater report Willie W5WIW
• Thanks to Doug Sharp K2AD for his donation of a repeater
• Stan Greenwood has donated a repeater to check out and set it up for 147.000. Bill is now working with this equipment.

Old Business
• We have voted to go back to the Union Hall but we need to talk about it. Willie W5WIW has not told the people at the Union Hall what our plans are until we have checked out all the available options.

New Business
• Willie W5WIW - We have also been invited to use the Bison Bar and Grill in Ault, CO. Would the club like Willie to look into other options.
• Motion made and approved to keep the meetings at Golden Corral. Willie will clarify whether a person is required to buy breakfast to come in to the meeting.
• Should we have a WARS Christmas party? Motion made and passed to spend 100$ on door prizes to give away at the December club meeting, but will not have party.

Show and Tell
• How many of our members are also members of ARES?
• Jeff Ford- He is new EC for district 10. He will talk to the club about ARES

Upcoming events
• NCARC meeting Nov 17,2012 at the Loveland Golden Corral. Breakfast at 8, meeting at 9.

Additional Comments:
• No additional comments

Meeting adjourned at 10:03 am

Next meeting December 8, 2012 at Golden Corral 3035 S 23rd Ave in Greeley. Breakfast at 8:15, meeting at 9p