Minutes of the July 12, 2014 meeting of the Weld Amateur Radio Society

Meeting called to order by Willie W5WIW at 9:02am

Introductions around the room
Name and call sign

Minutes from last meeting approved

Treasurer's report Berry N0OYM

Repeater report
Dave is moving to his new home and said he would be working on the
repeater soon, Thanks Bill

Old Business
To those that missed the picnic, we sure had a good time. Thanks to Mike
and Jon it was fun watching you play with the kite.

New Business
No new business

Upcoming events
Does anyone know about any upcoming events

Show and Tell
Talk about programs you would like to have.
Is there anything that needs to be added to the newsletter?
Suggested upcoming events be added the the newsletter.

Additional Comments
Watch out for people that only slow down at stop signs. I have seen more
people running stop signs since moving to Colorado.

Meeting adjourned at  9:30 am

Motion made and passed to keep the current officers in their positions
Board members
4 officers and 5 other members

Next meeting August 9, 2014 at Golden Corral in Greeley. Breakfast at 8,
meeting at 9