Minutes of the November 8, 2014 meeting of the Weld Amateur Radio Society

Meeting called to order by Willie W5WIW at 9:01 am

Introductions around the room
Name and call sign

Show and Tell
No program. There will be cards for you to write on about how you would
like to see the club go. What kind of Christmas party does the club want
to have this year? Keep a look out for coupons for free items from
Harbor Freight for prizes.

Minutes from last meeting approved

Treasurer's report Berry N0OYM
Willie ordered a part for the repeater, will submit receipt

Repeater report
Bill Dawson

Old Business
Help will be needed at the doors to help with the Hamfest like last
year. Hope things will go better this year. There will be other
positions also.

New Business
Discussed issues with repeater and options for fixing/upgrading

Upcoming events
NCARC is planning for a test to upgrade to General and Extra classes at
the REA building in Windsor Nov 8, 2014 starting 0800 to review, then
test start at 0900.
Willie suggested having a flyer to hand out at testing sessions to let
people know about the club.
Hamfest January 17, 2015 at The Ranch in Loveland.

Additional Comments
Watch for people trying to back into you at stop signs and red lights.

Meeting adjourned at 9:50 am

Next meeting December 13, 2014 at Golden Corral in Greeley. Breakfast at
8, meeting at 9.