Minutes of the March 14, 2015 meeting of the Weld Amateur Radio Society

Meeting called to order by Willie W5WIW at 9:05 AM

Introductions around the room

Name & call sign. We had one new member.

Minutes from last meeting approved.

Treasurer’s report (Berry not present)

Repeater report – Bill Dawson
The autopatch may or may not be working, but everything else seems to be in good shape.

Old Business
Question was “what do you think about our club becoming a 501 c-3 club?” Howard reported that we were discontinued in 1996, and we need to check into whether we want to do it again or not. Motion was made to get the paperwork for 501c-3 started again. Motion passed. Howard passed around copies of the By-laws, both past and present. We will study them and submit any changes we might think of to the president or to Howard.
Howard also said that the paperwork was ready to sign an agreement to keep the trailer, and to work on it in preparation for work in a possible disaster. Motion was made and seconded to keep it and do whatever is needed for use in that case.
Willie apologized for messing up the dinner on Friday night. He asked if they wanted to have a dinner on April 10th, the evening before the meeting the next day. Motion was made to have it on that day, and passed.

New Business
We need to talk about Field Day, which is coming up in June. Motion was made and seconded to have our own group, and not connect with NCARC. Motion passed. It was suggested that we ask Mark if we can do it at the farm again.
Mention was made about the new law concerning radio towers in HOA areas. It is believed that it was an attempt to regulate the presence and height of towers in these areas.

Upcoming Events
NCARC is looking to put a class for Extra testing in the near future. This will be done in two sessions, on two Saturdays in a row.
There will be Skywarn training on March 28, at 8:30 am in the Police Dept. building on Timberline in Ft. Collins.