Minutes of the November 14, 2015 meeting of the Weld Amateur Radio

Meeting called to order by Joe KD0TYU at 9:00


Minutes- Heather KC0SYH
If you are not getting minutes, please see Berry and Heather
Minutes approved

Financial report- Berry N0OYM
Jon asked if there is a minimum amount that is needed to keep the club
There is a minimum account balance with the bank of $1500.00

Tech Report- Andy/Bill
We have been having intermittent issues with the 147.000 repeater for
some time. Issue was initially with the receiver and most recently the
exciter and PA. we now have 2 good exciters, but may not have access to
the PA until it is checked/repaired.
There is the 4 bay DB products VHF antenna at Willie's that we can use.
We have a loaner Yaesu System Fusion DR1X repeater in place of ours
right now and it is working well. It is being loaned to us by Motorola
Mark and some co-owners to see if we like it.
If our GE assembly is still in good shape, it can be modified to accept
the input from the DR1X and deliver power for the coverage we would need

Bill-access to the repeater site is limited. If you need to get to the
repeater, please see Bill, Andy, or Joe

Trustee report- Berry N0OYM
Discussion of delegates for CCARC

PAO report- Phillip
Need to find a night where not a lot of nets are on
Discussed the intended structure of the net

Old Business
We have a place to keep it, but do we want to keep it?
Do we have the finances or desire to put equipment in the trailer?
Motion made to give the trailer back to DERA. After discussion, motion
withdrawn and another motion made to keep the trailer and move it out to
Steve's property and progress on getting it ready. Motion passed (11
for, 1 against)
Repeater status as of now
Motion made and passed to spend $500 to purchase a Yaesu repeater
(12 for, none against)

New Business
New licensing class. Contact Joe for details
Looking for 4 volunteers to join ARES

Upcoming Events
11/7/2015 285 TechConnect Convention (Lakewood, CO)
1/26/16 NCARC Hamfest

Meeting adjourned at 9:52

Members attended: 16

Next meeting December 12, 2015 at Golden Corral in Greeley. Breakfast
at 8, meeting at 9.