Minutes of the June 11, 2016 meeting of the Weld Amateur Radio Society

Meeting called to order by Joe KD0TYU at 9:01 am


Minutes- Heather KC0SYH
Minutes approved

Financial report- Berry N0OYM
Report approved

Tech Report- Andy/Bill K6VPE
VHF and UHF are both up and running.

Trustee report- Berry N0OYM

PAO report- Phillip
Still waiting on details for Weld County Fair.
Net still going on Tuesday nights at 7:30.

Old Business
Trailer update Steve.
There is now a combo lock on the trailer.
Would also like to compile a list of 3-4 people that can deploy the trailer if Steve is not available and those people will be given the combination.
Wires X install needs -Joe.
Repeater install update -Joe.
Repeater site status as of now -Joe.
Berry and Joe have worked out with Rob Stanley to get us up to date on repeater site rent.
No deal has been made for our future presence at the site as the property is in probate. May know something in July.
Have a potential offer from NCMC to have our repeater out at the hospital.

New Business
New activities for club.
Weld county fair times needed - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Joe- would like to have a Tech class at the REA building in October or November. Would like to do this through WARS rather than NCARC.
If interested in doing a presentation, please let Joe or Phillip know.
Summer picnic possibilities.
Will have a sign up sheet at the next meeting for people who would like to contribute money toward the picnic.
Fourty at the Fort July 24- need operators.
Election nominations.
President - Joe Hawley nominated.
Vice president - John Anderson will no longer be able to fulfill duties as Vice President.
Steve Jackson nominated for Vice President.
Treasurer - Matt Thompson may be interested.
Secretary - Jerry Williams nominated.

Amateur radio grounding myths - Dave.

Upcoming events
6/24 to 6/25 ARRL Field Day.
7/24 Fourty at the Fort.
7/8 to 7/9 Utah State ARRL Convention.
12/14 New Mexico State Convention http://dukecityhamfest.org.

Meeting adjourned at 9:58 am

Number attended: 22

Next meeting July 9, 2016 at Golden Corral in Greeley. Breakfast at 8, meeting at 9.