Minutes of the July 09, 2016 meeting of the Weld Amateur Radio Society

Meeting called to order by Joe KD0TYU at 9:01 am


Minutes (Secretary – Heather)

Financial report (Treasurer – Berry)

Tech report (Tech Committee Chair –Bill)
The 147 repeater can make it out to Aurora on 19 watts. Would like to see more people using it.
UHF repeater will need to be replaced at some point in the future.

Have not received the information about the Weld County Fair yet. Motion made/passed to drop out of fair participation. If a call comes at the last minute, some club members will be willing to go out and help.

Old Business
Trailer update - Steve
Need to get a couple of names of people who are willing to deploy the trailer if Steve is unable to.
Receipt that Steve submitted is $25 dollars over the $1000 limit agreed upon. Motion made and passed to approve the extra $25.
Tuesday net (Phillip)
Everyone is welcome to join on 147.000, 7:30 pm local time.
Web site updates (Gary)

New Business
New Activities for club activities for the club (Joe).
Looking for members interested in teaching Technician classes.
Picnic ( All clubs picnic)
Joe proposed to NCARC and LRA that they get together with WARS and have a Northern Colorado Radio Picnic. If you are interested in attending, please let Matt (KD0YOR) know by August 13, 2016. The picnic will be September 17, 2016 in Fort Collins. Motion made and passed to do the picnic this way.
Possible Repeater move
Rocky Mountain Ham had to pull their repeater from a commercial repeater due to an increase in repeater site rent.
There is a concern about the same thing happening to WARS due to the fact that we are also on a commercial tower.
The repeater could be moved to North Colorado Medical Center in Greeley or a water tower in Nunn.
Motion made/passed to research moving the UHF/VHF repeater to NCMC. Joe will be alerting Rob Stanley when and if we leave the current repeater site.

Joe Hawley (KD0TYU) reelected president
Vice President
Steve Jackson (KD0UJK) elected Vice President
Matt Thompson (KD0UJK) elected - Will work with Berry Kroeger (N0OYM) on the transition
Randy Post (KE0DHA) elected Secretary - Will work with Heather Kroeger (KC0SYH) on the transition
Repeater Trustee
Mike Cook (KE0EZM) elected Repeater Trustee
Website Manager
Gary Niebur (KD0RRK) elected primary Website Manager
Steve Jackson (KD0UDK) elected secondary Website Manager

Joe Hawley (KD0TYU)
Steve Jackson (KD0UDK)
Matt Thompson (KD0UJK)
Randy Post (KE0DHA)
Phil Koban (K0BAN)
Mike Cook (KE0EZU)
Bill Dawson (K6VPE)
Jim Mills (KD0NPU)
Berry Kroeger (N0OYM)

Upcoming Events /Announcements
July 18-24/16 - W9IMS The Brickyard 400 QRZ
Aug 12-14/16 - New Mexico State Convention - http://dukecityhamfest.org

Meeting adjourned at 9:58 am

Number attended: 19

Next meeting August 13, 2016 at Golden Corral in Greeley. Breakfast at 8, meeting at 9.