Minutes of the October 10, 2015 meeting of the Weld Amateur Radio Society Board

Where we are going or where we should be going with the club
The trailer
It needs to go out to Steve's or to the farm, want to get it away from
Jerry's place.
How to get the trailer if we need it? Would need to get in touch with
Dave or Mark to get to it.
Can we come to an arrangement with Mark to designate certain people who
can come and get the trailer at a moments notice. Will meet with Mark on
The Club Net
Public Affairs officer assignment: Philip Koban K0BAN
Parlimentarian assignment: Jon Anderson KD0VBO
The Website updates
Gary Niebur will help Berry with the website updates
Have a Board section where contact information for board members can be
Have Berry listed as both trustee and equipment manager. Andy Anderson
and Bill Dawson appointed as equipment managers
Berry is main delegate, Willie was secondary
Need to appoint new secondary delegate. Philip Koban K0BAN volunteered
to be secondary delegate.
Additional comments
Next Board meeting at 8am before next club meeting.
By laws
Jon KD0VBO will review and see if have any questions
IRLP node
Is at Berry's house and not currently running
Financial issue
Bank account was closed inadvertently
Berry N0OYM/Heather KC0SYH will meet with representative at Guaranty
Bank and see what is needed to open a new account.
Motion made and passed to allow Berry to spend $100 to register the club
as an LLC if needed so can create a bank account.